Ski to open a broader space (Sports mission)

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In November 2018 09, 08:40 source: People's daily

Winter has passed, the wind rises gradually. When people begin to wrap themselves in increasingly thick winter clothing, ski enthusiasts has in the hearts of the heat flow in surge. It is from the field of snow call, put on skis, wear protective clothing from the white snow flying, the feeling of speed and passion. Winter sports show charm.

Skiing is popular in China in recent years. At first, Heilongjiang province and Jilin Province, and the construction for holding the National Winter Games, Asian Winter Games a snow field, open to the public after the operation, the number of ski enthusiasts Beijing will become the fastest growing region. Today, people love skiing in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region is also increasing. From the economic geography to ski, heat is not limited to sports category, while pointing to a more.

The role of the market to boost the development of skiing giant. The founder of the domestic retail enterprises with "Lengshan" Lai just have keenly aware of. 10 years ago, he was a ski network forum moderators, from fans to practitioners, he witnessed the process of Mass Skiing from childhood to spreading. On a snow season, domestic skiing has reached tens of millions of people, the construction of the snow field has also ushered in the leap period. At the same time, skiing enthusiasts also faces the transformation from "experience" to "fancier". "Experience" means a contact one or two winter skiing, and "fancier" means the sport into their life - this is the most stable skiing enthusiasts groups support.

From "experience" to "fancier" conversion rate is a measure of skiing development maturity is an important indicator of the. The opportunity and challenge for the development of domestic skiing, including. The initial contact with the ski, people care may not only be movement itself, as well as related equipment comfort and reliability, convenience and safety facilities, skiing industry as a "long chain" so remarkable. On the other hand, the popularity of skiing culture, also need to "grab from baby". The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics provides a good opportunity for the promotion of skiing, Beijing, Hebei and other places, skiing into the campus, let the children feel the snow just unfolding, fantastically fun, also open a broader space for the sport.

"Let three hundred million people to participate in winter sports". Another winter comes, at 2022, the ice snow sports opportune, is ushering in a more powerful convergence and burst.

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 15 Edition)

(commissioning editor Yang Lei and Hu Xuerong)

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