Yi Jianlian missed the nine game winning streak free Guangdong

Liu Yilin

11 2018 09 07:36 on the source of years: Beijing Youth Daily
Original title: Yi Jianlian missed the free Guangdong ninth straight win

The CBA regular season last night to start 5 battle for the ninth round, in the Guangdong Derby, the 8 time guest at the Guangdong tigers men's basketball team to 125 110 victory over the Guangzhou men's basketball team, will start the season after winning streak extended to 9 field, continues to lead the standings.

The Guangdong team has been lousy, frequent injuries, Yi Jianlian after injuries sidelined due to unknown, another important in Yuan Mengduo the day before yesterday sudden acute appendicitis, also will miss the derby, there was basketball captain Zhou Peng suspended and so on unexpected adverse events. But the Guangdong team is CBA powerhouse for many years, there are 8 time inside, Leng is no team can stop them lianzhanlianjie pace. In this game, the Guangdong team of two foreign aid Weems and Delaney teamed up with 62 points, and the returning Zhou Peng fully reflects the captain's role, 26 is the highest scoring team in all domestic players, this is a national team player value. At present in the league only two teams unbeaten, Guangdong team is one of the next round, they will be away to the Bayi team, unsurprisingly, Guangdong team's winning streak will continue.

In other matches last night, with Xi 98 97 Shanxi, Shandong 100 to 82 victory in Jiangsu, Shanghai 123 to 110 victory in Tianjin, Shenzhen 121 to 107 victory in Fujian.

(commissioning editor Li Naiyan and Yang Lei)

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