Ross: I was bottoming out now is to display the results

11 2018 09 08:45 on the source of years: - Sports Channel Beijing on 9 November, (Yang Qiaodong) Beijing time on November 9th, according to NBA Chinese official website news, Minnesota guard, 30 year old veteran Derrick Rose recent state brave: against the Jazz just staged a 50 point game (a career high) signs, the key moment of the array yesterday repeatedly offered key goals. The final 31 points. Although the wolves beat the Lakers, but there are still many fans feeling: once Ross has officially returned MVP!

The Lakers finished yesterday, Ross also accepted the interview after the game. For the high optical performance of his own, Ross admitted that the recent state is great, "I feel the same as five or six years ago. As I said before, this is the opportunity, I was bottoming out, and have a trust my coach. I know every thing to pay how much effort now is to show results, the rhythm of my coming."

This season Ross played 11 games for the Timberwolves, averaged 18.6 points, 4.6 assists and 3.5 rebounds, shooting 46.1%. It is worth mentioning that the three points he was not good at the current average hit rate as high as 46.2%.

(commissioning editor Yang Qiaodong and Yang Lei)

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