Tianchai fire for women's Basketball League (Sports mission)


In December 2018 06, 08:08 source: 138479.xyz: People's daily

The women's Basketball League season began a comprehensive reform, more than half of the regular season schedule, a new pattern of league. The development of the League to the organizers, to participate in the team together, the community also needs a lot of attention


In the past 7 seasons, the Beijing team and Shanxi team in the Chinese women's Basketball League (WCBA) is particularly eye-catching, Beijing 4 team won the league championship, Shanxi team won 3 times. This season, with the rise of the Guangdong team and the Bayi team, women's Basketball League to change the fans have fresh.

17 Harding Park, the League regular season schedule has been more than half. The Guangdong team won the championship undefeated half, Guangdong team with Li Yueru, Huang Sijing, Yang Liwei and many other national team, the strength of the new season; the Bayi team 16 wins and 1 losses are second in the premier league. The two teams are on the rise, if you can rewrite the history of the league, is also reasonable.

The Guangdong team and the Bayi team can break the Beijing team and Shanxi team of women's Basketball League "monopoly", but also the subsequent game. But it is certain that the women's Basketball League this season with the suspense. "Playing in a circle, the greatest feeling is the league's overall strength has been enhanced, every game is difficult to play." The Beijing team is currently listed as fifth in the Premier League, coach Zhang Yunsong issued such a feeling.

The fierce competition, winning is not easy, to lift the fans watching the appetite, this is the reform League hopes to achieve the effect. The women's Basketball League team this season to 18, in size is the world's leading. The development of the market is remarkable, adding new operators and sponsors, the influence of the league has improved, fans can watch the women's basketball league matches through more channels...... All of these, for the women's Basketball League, is a rare opportunity for development.

This summer, women's basketball team performed well in the international arena, the community of women's attention rise, which led to the popularity of women's Basketball League, the parties have continued investment enthusiasm. The National League team and have a positive interaction and system engineering significance is more prominent.

The women's Basketball League occupation, the market is the world difficult problem. In the overall level of China's women's basketball team uneven state League, and not with increased investment and instant improvement. From the perspective of Chinese basketball women's Basketball League this season, started a comprehensive reform of the season, now it should be a good start. The new personnel training and management mode is still in the exploratory stage, need to have the courage to dare to try the league, the fans also need multi tolerance, need more social forces to tianchai fire.

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 14 Edition)

(commissioning editor Hao Shuai and Zhang Fan)

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