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The Premier League - Marshal broke the door to send 2:2 to A Senna.

Source: People's network sports channel 06 December 2018, 08:41

 A Senna players celebrate goals
A Senna players celebrate goals

People's daily, Beijing, December, 6, Beijing, at 4 a.m. on December 6th, the fifteenth round of the 2018/2019 season of the Premier League ushered in a focus war. Manchester United face Arsenal at Old Trafford. Manchester United finished 2-2 at Arsenal. Marshall and Lin Jiade made contributions to the Red Devils, and Mustafi broke the door for Arsenal.

Fifth minutes, Rush Forde took the ball at the front of the restricted area. He shot the door directly on the right side and the ball went straight to the corner. Arsenal goalkeeper leno firmly confiscated the ball.

In twentieth minutes, Gunn do Zi passed the ball on the left side, and the ball was cleared by Manchester United players. He shot the ball directly in the restricted area.

In twenty-sixth minutes, Arsenal will be the first to win. Torella left the corner kick, Mustafi in the penalty area to get rid of the marking of him, the fish jumped to the top of the gate, David De Gea hands to take off the ball, but the ball is still flying in the direction of the goal, although Herrera standing on the corner of the ball to get out of the ball, but the referee through the door line technology reminder, the goal is valid.

Just 4 minutes later, Manchester United quickly tied the score. In thirtieth minutes, roha flicks the free kick at the 30 yards of the restricted area, and the leno throws the ball. Herrera follows up on the right side, and Marshall in front of the door takes the lead and breaks the score to 1-1.

Arsenal scored another sixty-eighth minutes. Rojo made a fatal mistake in the backcourt. He pushed the ball to Lacazette under the pressure of his opponent. The latter went all the way to the restricted area. Rojo threw the ground on the shovel and made a careless move. He was 2-1 ahead of Arsenal.

In sixty-ninth minutes, Manchester United tied the score again. Manchester United's backcourt relay, Arsenal's back guard Leigh Lacina F delivered the same mistake. He stopped the ball in the penalty area and gave the ball to Lin Jia De in the restricted area. The England star smiled and gave the ball a relaxed push to break the door, once again helping Manchester United score the score.

In the end, Manchester United played 2-2 goals with Arsenal at home.

Both sides are starters and players.

Manchester United: 1- David De Gea /16- /16- (seventy-second minutes 27- 12-), 12- 27-, 3- Bailey /36- Damian, 21- Herrera, 31- Matic, 14- Langer, 20- Da lout /11- Marshall (Lukaku Lukaku), and lash Shafford.

Arsenal: 19- leno /5- Papa Stathopoulos, 20- Mustafi, 16- Hall (thirty-sixth minutes 12- Li Heath Taina) /2- Bellerin, 29- Gong Du Qi, 11-, 20-, Ramsey Cora Cena F Ramsey Ramsey (forty-sixth minutes 7-) and ivy (sixty-fifth minutes Lacazette Lacazette).

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(Editor: Li Naiyan, Zhang Fan)


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