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The horse broke the Premier League - Charles Rojo Manchester United 2:2 A Senna Ping send Oolong

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 The A Senna players celebrate the goal
The A Senna players celebrate the goal

138479.xyz Beijing in December 6, Beijing time on December 6th at 4 in the morning, the Premier League 2018/2019 season fifteenth ushered in a focus of war. Manchester United against Arsenal at old trafford. The final 2-2 draw with Arsenal Manchester United in the home court. Marshall and Lin Jiade for the accomplishment, Mustafi for Arsenal break, Rojo sent Oolong ball.

Fifth minutes, Rush Forde took the ball on the edge of the box, he hit the ball right directly, straight from the near corner, the ball will be Arsenal goalkeeper Lionel firmly confiscated.

In twentieth minutes, Gunn do Zi cross from the left, the ball was a United player siege, in the area Beilailin directly hit, hit the ball very far, flying directly to the bottom line.

Twenty-sixth minutes, the Arsenal xianbatouchou. Torella on the left corner, Mustafi in the restricted area to get rid of his mark Smolin, diving header hit the ball, David De Gea hands off, but the ball is still in the direction toward the goal of flying, while standing in the corner of the Herrera will rescue the ball out, but the referee after the gate line technology to remind, determine the goal.

After only 4 minutes, Manchester quickly tied the score. Thirtieth minutes, Rojo at the edge of the area 30 yards direct free kick hit, Lionel dropped, to keep up with Herrera in the right pass, Marshall in front of Qiangdian break, pull the score to 1-1.

Sixty-eighth minutes, Arsenal again counter ultra score. Rojo fatal mistake in the backcourt, he under the opponent's tight, pass to Lacazette, who killed all the way to the restricted area, Rojo go to ground, an own goal, Arsenal lead to 2-1.

The 69 minutes, Manchester United once again tied the score. Manchester houchangchangzhuan, Arsenal defender Leigh Lacina F mistakes his gifts, stopping in the penalty area when the ball accidentally stops to the restricted area of the England star lingard, kindly gift, relaxed the ball tuishe, once again to help United equaliser.

Finally in the Arsenal and Manchester United home court into 2-2 flat.

The first two and his team:

Manchester: 1- David De Gea /16- Rojo (seventy-second minutes 27- Fellaini), 12- 3- /36-, Damian Bailey, Smolin 21- Herrera, 31- Matic, 14- 20-, /11- Ma Charles lingard dallot (sixty-third minutes, 10- rush Ford 9- Lukaku).

Arsenal: 19- Lionel /5- Papa Stathopoulos, 20- Mustafi, 16- Haldin (thirty-sixth minutes 12- and Heath Taina Bellerin, 29- /2-) and 11-, torella Gong Qi 31- Cora Cena F /8- Ramsey (forty-sixth minutes 7- mkhitaryan), 17- iwobi (sixty-fifth minutes 9- Lacazette /14- Aubameyang).

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(commissioning editor Li Naiyan and Zhang Fan)


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