Zhu Ting returned with "fire" World Cup fans praised the predecessors

Huang Chih

In December 2018 06, 08:43 source: Beijing daily
Original title: Zhu Ting returned with "fire" the Club World Cup

Yesterday (5 days), 2018 women's Club World Championship in Shaoxing in the group phase of second rounds of competition, China star Zhu Ting played the defending champion Turkey team 3 to 0 watt Keifer beat the French team Lekane Borrero, in the two row, and ahead of a locked four seats. The home, Zhu Ting received the fans enthusiasm, also contributed to the tournament's popularity soared.

This is the women's Volleyball Club World Cup for the first time in Chinese. The 4 day of the first group phase, Keifer watts bank team against host Zhejiang team, despite the strength of the poor, but the Shaoxing Olympic Sports Center Stadium attendance of over 80%, more than 7000 people braved the rain to come to watch. Among them, most of the fans is a fan of Zhu Ting, during the game continued cheering for her. Zhu Ting scored a game high second to deliver the goods, 16 points. Yesterday, she is more firepower, with a 23 named "scoring", to help the team to 25 than 21, 25 than 15, 25 than 17 swept Le Cannet Waugh Valero team.

"When playing heard cheers, very happy, will be more motivated, hard hitting every ball." Zhu Ting said, on behalf of the club back to the motherland the feeling is very special, "the atmosphere is very warm, so much for the audience, they are super enthusiastic. Thanks to the Shaoxing audience and fans from afar." It is worth mentioning that the women's volleyball coach Chen Zhonghe China originally came to watch the battle with Zhao Ruirui, Feng Kun and other former disciples, he gave Zhu Ting highly: "Zhu Ting belongs to the genius, probably 100 years will be a player so excellent."

(commissioning editor Ou Xingrong and Zhang Fan)

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