Liu Yang: in order to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 Pactrometer fight


In December 2018 06, 08:31 source: China sports newspaper
Original title: Liu Yang: to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 Pactrometer fight

"Four years" this time dimension, especially sensitive to the players, because an Olympic cycle is just four years. To get the world championship rings in the early 2014 Gymnastics World Championships Liu Yang, this four years, he experienced career ups and downs, now he will fight for the Tokyo Olympic Games pactrometer.

At the end of last month at the end of the Gymnastics World Cup Cottbus races, the long-awaited international arena Liu Yang won by 15.200 points in the final of the men's rings. The play is quite satisfactory, with the game almost anticipated, but compared with the previous best state difference." Liu Yang in Cottbus station uses 6.40 sets of difficulty, compared with the 2014 win the world championship, the difficulty of up to 0.1. In the last winter, he began to practice difficult up to 6.60 sets, but considering the time is not ripe, the game did not take out. "Winter will continue to develop more reserves difficulty. In addition to maintaining a high level of training, injury prevention is very important. The daily training to overcome the mentality of ups and downs, let oneself more attention, prepared to fight a protracted war."

Say this is because there have been great changes in Tokyo Olympic Games gymnastics Olympic qualification system, in the past the world championships with qualification group, added a single player by playing in the world cup for Olympic qualification score. Cottbus station is the first station, the next station will have seven world cup single player in this eight race three station best cumulative score ranking. "The new Olympic qualification system, the individual players better by themselves to competewell points get places. From the point of view of the training, I can concentrate more on their own good projects." Liu Yang said that although the strengths for the Olympic rings qualification is an important opportunity, but he also has a regret. Because in accordance with the provisions of the International Gymnastics Federation, the world cup competition for Olympic Qualification means cannot appear in the world than groups, so Liu Yang missed the world championships in Doha.

From last year's World Championships in the individual rings of copper, this year Cottbus debut, Liu Yang more than a year does not appear in the international arena, during which he could only silently training. "When you want to practice injuries often came to make trouble, before the Asian Games left shoulder inflammation, right before it appeared torn lips, before the world cup and the emergence of knee pain, uncomfortable feeling this year are overcome injuries." Liu Yang said that this year's experience is to exercise the mind.

In fact, the Rio Olympic rings individual 4 get started, Liu Yang will continue to harvest growth. "Rio Olympic Games have a lot of things, can not live up to the expectations of others, so that virtually increases the pressure. Now the game is better in transformation of the pressure, the pressure into motivation to work hard."

Compared with other teammates, Liu Yang can only focus on the rings, it is boring, but he also has been working to adjust their psychological state and training. "This is why I'm injured more recently, every day only practice this one, very large load on my shoulder, so I often go to the bar over there, free exercise activities. Winter will strengthen the physical training, through a number of small muscle training on joint formation protection, increase muscle coordination. For the Tokyo Olympic Games qualification, I will do my best." (from December 6th "China sports newspaper" 01 Edition)

(commissioning editor Zhao Xinyue and Zhang Fan)

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