Liu Yang: to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games with great efforts

Yuan Xue Jing

06 December 2018, 08:31 source: China sports daily
Original title: Liu Yang: to make full preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

The time dimension of "four years" is especially sensitive to athletes, because an Olympic cycle is exactly four years. For Liu Yang, who won the world championship in the World Gymnastics Championships in 2014, he has been in the ups and downs of his sports career in the past four years. Now he will work hard for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

At the end of last month's Gymnastics World Cup Cottbus station, Liu Yang, who had long been away from the international arena, won the 15.200 points in the men's rings final. "It's fairly satisfactory, just as expected before the game, but it's still worse than the best in the past." Liu Yang used 6.40 sets of difficulty at Cottbus station, which increased by 0.1 compared with the 2014 World Championships. In the winter training last year, he has begun to practice 6.60 sets of sets, but the timing is not yet ripe. "This winter training will continue to reserve difficulties and develop further. In addition to maintaining a high level of training, prevention and treatment of injuries is also very important. Daily training should overcome the ups and downs of mentality, make yourself more focused and prepare for a protracted war.

The reason for this is that the Olympic Qualification System of the Tokyo Olympic Games has undergone major changes. In the past, apart from taking the group qualification through the world championships, a new athlete has been added to win the Olympic qualification by playing the world cup. Cottbus station is only the first stop. Next, there will be seven World Cup matches. Individual players need to choose three stations in the eight races, and the best points will be ranked. "The new Olympic qualification system is more advantageous to individual athletes, and gets the quota through their own scores. From the perspective of training, I can concentrate more on projects that I am good at. Liu Yang said that although it is an important opportunity to strive for Olympic qualification through his own strong rings, he also has regrets. Because in accordance with the International Federation of sports, through the World Cup Singles way to win the Olympic Qualification means that can not appear in the world championships than the group, so Liu Yang missed the world championships in Doha.

From last year's World Championships to pick up copper in the rings, to the Cottbus station this year, Liu Yang did not appear in the international arena for more than a year, during which he could only train quietly. "When you want to practice, injuries often come to make trouble. Before the Asian Games, the left shoulder is inflamed, and there is a rip tear before the right shoulder. There is pain before the world cup, and the knee is not comfortable. I feel that I have been overcoming injuries this year." Liu Yang said that this year's experience is very exercise mindset.

As a matter of fact, Liu Yang began to grow from Rio's fourth Olympic rings. "Rio Olympic Games in a lot of things, other people's expectations can not be betrayed, so invisible pressure increased. Now, we can better transform this pressure in competition and turn pressure into motivation.

Compared with other teammates, Liu Yang can only concentrate on the hoisting ring project, which is boring, and he has been trying to adjust his training and mental state. "This is also the reason why I have a lot of injuries. Recently, I only practiced this one day, which is very heavy on my shoulders. So I often go to free exercise and horizontal bar activities. This winter training will also strengthen physical training, through a number of small muscle training to form a certain degree of joint protection, increase muscle coordination. I will do my best to qualify for Tokyo Olympic Games. " (from December 6th China sports daily 01 Edition)

(Editor: Zhao Xinyue, Zhang Fan)

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